Monday, February 29, 2016

Pence Refugee Policy Overturned

Governor Pence
This weekend, the headquarters of the Islamic Center of North America was vandalized by some idiots.  This happened sometime Saturday night/Sunday morning in Plainfield.

The community has reached out and has put its arms around the Muslim community in Indianapolis, but there's no question that the flames of the fire have been stoked by prejudices and fearmongering by even our Governor, Mike Pence, who attempted to stop Syrian refugees from settling in our state on the infinitesimal chance they might be terrorists.

Today, Judge Tanya Walton Pratt called Pence's plan to halt Syrian refugees exactly what it is: discriminatory.  She had previously ruled that the state had no authority to stop settlers from Syria in Indiana.

Thank goodness Judge Pratt understands what Governor Pence doesn't.  Indy and Indiana is a state that welcomes all especially those in need.  That's Hoosier Hospitality.

Back to the drawing board, Governor Pence.


Anonymous said...

Who are these refugees that the high profit making non-profit Exodus Refugee Immigration are bringing to Indiana? How safe will Indianans be thanks to Judge Tanya Pratt and the ACLU? The clips in this video of "refugees" answer that question.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Jon, for approaching this matter in a rational, level-headed manner. The anon 7:32am not only appears to be not from Indiana but is fanning the flames of irrational fear and ignorance. This fear mongering reminds me of McCarthy-ism behavior which seems to be gripping some at this time and perpetuated by certain GOP folks.

Unknown said...

I want to refute your claim that Exodus Refugee is a high profit making nonprofit. As a student only a couple of years ago I reviewed their income and fundraising program. This organization was barely making ends meet.

I suggest you also take the time to learn about the refugee review process and criteria. Our Indy refugees are mostly Burmese and many of those from Iraq and Syria are Christians. Many have spent a decade or longer in refugee camps before receiving clearance to arrive here. They deserve our respect, compassion, and care.