Monday, February 1, 2016

Iowa Caucus Signifies Start of 2016 Vote Counting

Clinton Hopes to Block Sanders
Momentum in Iowa
The big day is here.  It's Iowa Caucus day, and that signifies the actual beginning of the count of the votes towards who will be the nominees for 2016's Presidential Election in the major parties.

Hillary Clinton is holding on to a slim lead in most polls in Iowa.  For her, a victory would be great in Iowa because it's unlikely she's going to win in New Hampshire next week.  She doesn't need the victories, but it would be nice to put a stopper in the momentum of Senator Bernie Sanders.  Governor Martin O'Malley is a distant third in the polls and likely will not be a factor though his three or four percentage points of support could definitely help either of the frontrunners.

On the Republican side of things, it appears to be down to Ted Cruz and Donald Trump in Iowa. If either win, they can claim momentum going into New Hampshire.  If someone can jump up from the pack and surprise in Iowa, it could signify that the always-finicky caucus-goers might have not been so enamored by "The Donald" or Mr. Cruz.  Marco Rubio is running a distant third in most polls, and former frontrunners Ben Carson and Jeb Bush are languishing further back.

On the JohnnyStir Show tonight, I take a brief look at the caucuses, but most of the show is to reintroduce my listeners to me as a person.  My friend Steve Terrell takes the reins of the show and does a really nice job with the interview.

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Enjoy the caucus results!

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