Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Fletcher Takes on Moed in HD 97

Rep. Justin Moed
We all know Justin Moed did not have a good spring last year when revelations about his personal life came to light.

That being said, Justin became a beacon of doing what's right in the damage control phase.  After disappearing for a few days, Justin came back, admitted his mistake, and said he was moving on.  Moed never pretended to be a holy roller or a Christian crusader.  He did what he did, and he apologized to his constituents for it.

Then, he went back to work for his constituents.  House District 97 has some of the rich parts of downtown, but it also has some of the toughest parts of Indy's near-Southside, and Moed knows these people.  He knows their communities.  That's because he's been bitten by several dogs walking these communities.  His campaign page often tells stories of sitting down in people's living rooms for coffee or lemonade.  He works hard, and he gets results.  In a tough legislature for Democrats, Moed has been a rock star in getting things done for his constituents and for the
Jason Fletcher filing for HD 97
City of Indianapolis.

That's why I was curious to find out today that my friend Jason Fletcher had also filed to run for House District 97 today.  Fletcher is currently the only Democrat on the Perry Township Advisory Board, and he is, no doubt, worthy of a look from voters.

I just wonder what happened for Fletcher to suddenly think he's a better choice for the 97th than Moed's proven record.  Fletcher did work hard walking much of the district for Emily Shrock's unsuccessful run for City-County Council.  The two districts overlap quite a bit.

I've been wrong before, and Fletcher is incredibly popular in Democratic circles and has built up a tremendous amount of goodwill.  I get the feeling that he's going to have to work hard to beat Moed in the 97th if it gets to a Primary war, and I just don't know if this was the right place to spend his political capital given even the struggles of Moed last spring.  The hardworking people in the 97th will remember the guy that's gotten stuff done for them.

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