Monday, February 8, 2016

Even This "Dog" Had His Day

My Unbelievable Moment
Yesterday, I received a phone call from Mayor Joe Hogsett aide Peter Luster.  He asked me if I could stop by the Mayor's Office about 5:00 p.m.

Obviously curious, I asked what the Mayor wanted with me, he said he didn't know, but the Mayor wanted me to come by.

It might surprise you to know that in the seven years that I've been writing this blog that I've never been on the 25th Floor of the City-County Building...let alone in the Mayor's Office.  I even asked Peter what to do when I got there.

So, I arrived early.  I went through security, and then I went up the elevator to the 25th Floor.  After another security checkpoint, I found myself overlooking the Westside of Indianapolis from the lobby of the Mayor's Office.  As snow fell across the city, it was draped in a beautiful curtain of white flakes...a gorgeous sight.

I waited a bit making small talk with the administrative assistant at the reception desk.  I had come up the elevator with new City-County Councillor Colleen Fanning, and City-County Council Minority Leader Mike McQuillen came in the office.  We chatted.  The Mayor's Chief of Staff, Thomas Cook, was the first clue to me that something was up.  He told me that the Mayor would be back in the office in just a few minutes and to sit tight.

Sure enough, in just a few minutes, Mayor Joe Hogsett appeared carrying an arm full of documents flanked by his security officer and aide Tim Moriarty.  After exchanging pleasantries, the Mayor invited me into the Mayor's Conference Room.  It was there that he presented me with a Proclamation declaring February 8, 2016 as "Jon Easter Day" in the City of Indianapolis.

Recently, I received an award from the Indiana High School Athletic Association for my work at WBDG-FM at Ben Davis High School.  That award was a complete shock to me when the IHSAA informed me that I would receive it.  Now, I was standing on the 25th Floor next to the Mayor of Indianapolis who was handing me a proclamation with my name on it.

A quick couple of hellos with more of the Mayor's Staff, Deputy Mayor of Neighborhoods Dr. David Hampton, and City-County Councillor Pastor Stephen Clay, and I was out the door back in the cold in the snowy city I'd just seen from the 25th floor...on my day in this city.

The impact still hasn't hit me, but I'm incredibly humbled that the Mayor thought to recognize me and to spend a moment out of his day to help celebrate my accomplishments.  There are many in this city who serve it with distinction and deserve a day of their own, so I do not take this lightly.

Thanks again to Mayor Hogsett and his staff for making this "dog" have his day.  I'm so appreciative.


jamel95 said...

you deserve a day Jon, congratulations and thank you for all you do. Few work harder for this city. Maybe you will reconsider and think about running for council next time. Keep up the good fight.

johnnystir said...

Thank you very much.