Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Cruz Trumps Donald; Sanders & Clinton Neck and Neck in Iowa

As the numbers continue to trickle in from the Iowa Caucuses, it's important to remember to not read too much or too little into the results.  What's going to be interesting is to see who still believes they are viable after the voters in Iowa speak.

It appears that, so far, there is no clear winner in the Democratic Caucus as Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are in, what Sanders has termed, "a virtual tie".  That's probably worse news for Clinton than it is for Sanders.  Reports also say that Martin O'Malley has decided to suspend his campaign.  That's a worthy decision given what the voters said after this first round.

For the Democrats, they'll continue to squabble and battle until a victor is named.

On the Republican side, it appears Ted Cruz has come out on top by a few percentage points over Donald Trump.  This should surprise no one.  Iowa is very conservative on the Republican side, and Cruz was expected to win or run a close second to Trump.  For Trump, as he has said, it's off to New Hampshire for his campaign.

Reports say Mike Huckabee and perhaps even Ben Carson are thinking of packing up the campaign and going home.

Again, this is just the first test. It's a long slog from here, but we're underway in the Presidential Derby 2016.

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