Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Race To Replace Young Heats Up

Indiana's 9th Congressional District
With Todd Young attempting to move across the Rotunda from the U.S. House to the U.S. Senate, the race for Young’s 9th District seat might be one to watch as we head towards May and into the General Election season.

Let’s dispense with the Democratic side very quickly. Past candidate Shelli Yoder has decided to dip her toe in the electoral pool again. Yoder ran a very credible campaign in 2012 against Young before losing 55 percent to 45 percent to the incumbent. Real estate agent and businessman Bill Thomas has a website up touting his credentials as a conservative Democrat. 

Yoder has to be considered the favorite given her strong past run and strong name recognition. Thomas’s website, frankly, misspells Benghazi which doesn't make the best first impression.

On the Republican side, there most certainly will be a nasty battle.  In fact, ads are already running for May’s Primary. My morning slumber was interrupted on Monday morning by a Congressional ad run by a PAC (I didn’t get the name) on behalf of businessman Trey Hollingsworth. The ad, negative in tone, specifically targeted another 9th District Republican candidate, Indiana Attorney General Greg Zoeller, as a “career politician”. 

Others in the race are State Senators Erin Houchin and Brent Waltz and former conservative radio host and Congressional staffer, Jim Pfaff. Engineer Robert Hall is also in the race.
Like Yoder, Zoeller has name recognition across the 9th District having run for and won election to statewide office twice. Houchin and Waltz both are seasoned politicians that have the knowledge to win races and raise money. Hollingsworth obviously has some benefactor in a high place who doesn't seem to like Zoeller and has put up some slick internet ads.  It seems that Pfaff and Hall will need some help to make this a true six-way elephant race.

I'll be keeping my eye on this one as we head towards May.

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