Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Pence Turns Back on LGBT Hoosiers

Governor Mike Pence
Governor Mike Pence dug his trench a little deeper at yesterday's State of the State Address when it comes to LGBT civil rights.  At a minimum, that's not a good thing for his reelection campaign, but, at its worst, it still means that we have a Governor of our great state that just doesn't get it.

In case you missed it live, like I did, Governor Pence dug in his heels at last night's State of the State Address after stringing Hoosiers along for months and making them wait on his answer.  All this time, he knew the answer, but he was unwilling or unable to say his mind had not changed.

Rather than clear the issue off his plate and begin to repair the damage done, Governor Pence went back to the kitchen and dug out a second heaping helping without eating his first one.

So, welcome to Indiana...where our Governor chooses one group's rights over another and tacitly gives the thumbs up to a world full of potential discrimination cloaked in religion.

I can't wait until John Gregg's our Governor.

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