Thursday, January 7, 2016

Odd Bill Proposed to Make Double Secret Super Dog Sure Rights Protected

Sen. Mike Young
Mike Young and RFRA...what could go wrong?  Plenty.

The man who single handedly increased the power of the Mayor of Indianapolis and once tried to take away overtime from Hoosier workers has now authored a bill that seems to be one of the oddest bills I've ever seen from the General Assembly.

Young wants to toss RFRA and replace it with a bill that will provide "a concrete guarantee to the citizens of Indiana that their fundamental constitutional rights will be recognized, preserved, and protected."

Those rights include:
The right to worship
The right to free exercise and of conscience
The right to freedom of religion
The right to freedom of thought and speech
The right of assemblage and petition
The right to bear arms

Again, what could go wrong, right?

Now, maybe I'm just not getting this, but I'm just not getting it.  Young's bill would do many of the same things RFRA would have done only expanding them, right?  I I wrong?

I have a better idea.  If the idea is to make double secret super dog sure our rights are so protected, why don't we just take out a crayon and copy the entire U.S. and Indiana Constitutions and put them into a bill and say, "We double secret super dog certain make sure these rights are protected."

Four words and a comma, Mike.  That's all we need.  Four words and a comma.

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