Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Money Pouring Into Indiana Governor's Race

The Fight for This Office
May Be Expensive
If money raised is any indication, the Indiana Gubernatorial race in 2016 is going to be darn tootin' interesting.

You can spin the cash however you wish to this point, it's clearly on track to be the most expensive Governor's Race Indiana has ever seen.

Governor Pence enters 2016 with a healthy advantage and $6.8 million in his campaign account, according to the Indy Star.  He did well in campaign fundraising last quarter bringing in nearly $4 million.  John Gregg did just fine as well by pulling in $1.7 million in the last quarter of 2015.  He has $3.7 million in his campaign account.

These numbers well continue to rise, and both candidates will have plenty of money when it comes to getting their message out in what many are considering one of the most-competitive Governor's races in 2016.

It's still a long way to go until November, but Mike Pence continues to show he has little or no clue about how much trouble he is in.  While the polls continue to show Hoosiers have made up their minds on the issue of civil rights for LGBT Hoosiers, Pence drags his feet.  At this point, either answer for Pence will seem politically-contrived.

Indiana should be a slam dunk and easy victory for Pence, but his numbers show he's still vulnerable.  Gregg largely has not yet begun to fight relying on the Indiana Democratic Party to do a lot of the hitting for him.

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