Wednesday, January 27, 2016

In Memoriam: Susan Jordan

Susan Jordan
For any principal of any school, one of the toughest parts of the day is dismissal.

Trying to move hundreds of kids out of your building efficiently and safely is a triumph when it is done correctly and a nightmare when something happens.

On Tuesday, Indianapolis saw that nightmare scenario unfold, and a principal is being hailed as a hero.

Outside Amy Beverland Elementary in Lawrence Township, Principal Susan Jordan was hard at work like a shepherd making sure her flock of little sheep were each deposited safely aboard buses.  Suddenly, a bus jumped the curb and witnesses say Jordan pushed children out of the way of the careening bus before being hit herself.  In the aftermath, two children were rushed to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries, but Mrs. Jordan, a veteran educator and administrator, did not survive the accident.

Time and time again, teachers put their lives on the line when bad things happen to protect the lives of the young people in their charge.  Mrs. Jordan apparently died doing just that.

Because of the apparent actions of Mrs. Jordan, young people she saved will live to contribute to society and make life better.  It's incredibly sad that she won't get to see those young people grow and blossom and develop to their least on this Earth.  If one believes in the afterlife, perhaps she is the guardian angel now for these children.

Whatever happens, I'm sure her memory will always be present throughout the hallways of the school she capably administrated, and she will be remembered by all of us for her apparent final selfless act of courage.  I'd like to say any of us would have done it, but do we really know for sure unless we are called to act?  Susan Jordan was, and she did.

As a fellow educator, I found myself weeping at the story, and I didn't even know Mrs. Jordan.  I can only imagine what the next few days, weeks, and months will be like.  For the students and staff at Amy Beverland, they've lost their beloved leader.

My thoughts are with them all as well as the family and friends of a truly remarkable woman.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Susan Jordan was born on the very day, "Uncle" Alan Burton Hall was born! The children was being watched by the watchful eyes of "Aunt" Susan Jordan. Well done, Susan. Rest easy, dear soul.

Anonymous said...

Wow! August 15, 1946 is the birthday of "Uncle" Hall and "Aunt" Jordan! That is one crazy world! That's amazing, Lord!