Friday, January 1, 2016

Hogsett Takes Control

Stephanie and Joe Hogsett
There are so many cliches one can use to signify the beginning of a new Mayor's term in Indianapolis, and I'm sure you'll see them all.

It's a clean slate.  It's a new day.  The hour of change is here.

However you say it, there is some truth to these things.  The possibility of something new and great always exists when change happens.  Change certainly has happened on the 25th Floor of the City-County Building, and we'll see what happens from here.

In many ways, an observer can see that Joe Hogsett has learned from his predecessor's weaknesses.  We've already seen Hogsett reach out across the aisle in meaningful fashion to the Republicans in City-County government.  He knows that with a Democratic caucus that can sometimes eat its own on the City-County Council that he's going to need Republicans to get things done for the city.  Hogsett also, I think, understands that the best ideas in City-County government don't necessarily have Democrat or Republican on them.  For Indianapolis to move forward and improve, we're going to need everyone pulling the sled and doing the work.

Still, those questions remain about an uncertain future of this city.  In a campaign run and won on issues such as reducing crime, can Mayor Hogsett really make a difference?

What can't happen is wasting this moment for change.  The idea that we had a moment, but we squandered it.  The notion that Joe Hogsett represented something different, but he ended up being just the same.  These are the things he will have to fight against.

Another cliche comes out to be the truth.  It's now time to govern, and the time is ticking on the honeymoon period already.  The campaign is over, and the Hogsett Campaign in large part now becomes the Hogsett Administration.

In less than the next four years, Indy will expect results, so here we go.

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