Monday, January 4, 2016

Hogsett Hits Ground Running in First Weekend

Joe Hogsett's first weekend in office was a busy one.
Hogsett At Mt. Zion
Apostolic Church

On Friday, Hogsett took the Oath of Office in a public, bi-partisan swearing-in ceremony.  In his speech, Hogsett stressed the themes of his One City transition: unity and bi-partisanship.  Hogsett clearly believes working together to solve our city's problems is better than working apart and trying to claim political wins over the other side.

Saturday, after meeting with a variety of agencies, Hogsett held a news conference setting the agenda for his first few weeks in office from a crime-fighting standpoint.  Working with federal, state, and local agencies, Hogsett said he was targeting 1,400 criminals with open warrants in 100 days.  He also said that more beat officers would hit the streets in high-crime areas and that IMPD would be meeting monthly with the community to address concerns.

Also, Hogsett was spotted on Saturday cheering on Richard Propes in his fundraiser for the Legacy House.  Propes, a longtime advocate against child abuse, did 122 laps around Monument Circle in memory of 122 young victims of violence.  

Hogsett ended his day at the Pacers game as the city's NBA franchise defeated the Detroit Pistons.  He did a special interview available at

On Sunday, Mayor Hogsett went to church appearing at congregations across the City of Indianapolis.  

It's the kind of energy you'd expect from Hogsett who, on the campaign trail, crisscrossed Indianapolis tirelessly.  It's a departure from his predecessor who, at times, would disappear from the scene for days at a time.  

Hogsett will be visible, accessible, approachable, and available.  

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Anonymous said...

I am a "Republican" who may never vote for a Marion County GOP candidate ever again until the old guard changes. And Jennifer Ping is the new guard just like the old guard.

I do very much wish Joe Hogsett well as he begins to take charge of a City which fake "Republican" Greg Ballard looted for self, friends, and family.

My only problem with Hogsett hitting the ground running is that when it came to "public safety" Joe's new guard is the old guard. Joe Hogsett brings back the old guard in Ballard's third (!) public safety director, Troy Riggs. Why I do not know... this was the guy who walked off the job six months ago (allegedly with new job offers coming in from around the United States) in the middle of the Indianapolis 2015 record crime spree.