Sunday, January 3, 2016

Harrison Supporters Saying Harrison Not Invited to Public Swearing-In All Were Invited To Attend

Supporters of Reverend Charles Harrison are attacking the Joe Hogsett Administration for not inviting Harrison to the public swearing-in ceremony that anyone who wanted to come was invited to on Friday.

A couple of things here.  First of all, the State of the State is a different animal, and secondly, the Hogsett Transition Team held a public news conference and announcement last month inviting everyone to the bi-partisan swearing-in ceremony on January 1.

It's hard to say that Reverend Harrison wasn't invited when everyone in Indianapolis and beyond was invited.  Later, the Englehart Group stated that Harrison did not receive a personal invitation as other local pastors and clergy did.  I can't speak to that, but I know for a fact that he was still invited because everyone was invited.

Harrison, as you might remember, considered running for Mayor of Indianapolis and is one of the guiding forces of the Ten Point Coalition.  A "Run Rev Run" movement gathered signatures on his behalf for an independent run for Mayor.  Despite having what seemed like enough signatures, Harrison decided not to run.

Reverend Harrison is a good man, and I admire his work.  His political supporters, however, sometimes do him no favors.



Sagapo Coach said...

This has to be a joke right? So he's mad because he didn't receive a "personal" invite to a "public" gathering.... Lol! I wonder if this is the Rev ego tripping or if the sneaky Blair is simply stirring the pot as usual. There are thousands of pastors in Indianapolis, what makes Harrison or anyone else think that he is more important than other clergy in this city?

Anonymous said...

Supporters? Plural? All I see is a washed up old man trying to be someone important. I'm sure this old guy is clueless.

johnnystir said...

Reverend Harrison has responded.