Thursday, January 21, 2016

Dickerson Out of Senate Race, Endorses Hill

John Dickerson
I must admit. I was a little disappointed when I heard yesterday's news that John Dickerson had dropped out of the race for U.S. Senate.

Dickerson had always been the underdog in the race with the more well-known former U.S. Representative Baron Hill in the race. You had to figure that Hill with his fundraising ability and past electoral attempts and successes that he would become the candidate. I was just hoping that the state would get to know Dickerson a little more.

In my handful of conversations with Dickerson, I found him to be engaging and interesting. He's someone new to add to the bench of Democrats that might run for future office. His statement announcing his departure from the race seemed to possibly rule out a future run for office. Times change and people change. Of course, U.S. Senate might have been a big first step. I could see Dickerson making a difference on a more local stage. Lord knows we need more people with
Baron Hill
his expertise in politics. Dickerson spent his career working in social services most recently with ARC of Indiana.

Dickerson's departure ends what race there was for the Democratic nomination.  Hill, as previously mentioned, was the frontrunner.  With Dickerson endorsing him, this consolidates any support he had behind Hill.  If Hill is going to win this thing in November, he needs all the support he can get as early as he can get it.  The Republican race, just as it was in 2012 when Richard Lugar lost the Republican nomination to Richard Mourdock, could be bloody.  

Hill should get to watch all that mud fly on that other side of the aisle without getting himself dirty.  That's a luxury for sure.

I salute John Dickerson for running and making a credible campaign of it into early 2016.  

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