Friday, January 22, 2016

And So Marlin Made a Farmin' Political Ad

Farmin'. Guns. God.

That's sums up Marlin Stutzman's first ad for U.S. Senate.

"In a Capitol filled with lawyers, we need a farmer," is a line in the ad.  It's effective in tone, and will definitely make those that cling to their guns and their religion excited about his run.  Marlin Stutzman wants you to know that he ain't one of those high fallutin' Washington cats.

Except...that he is.

You see, what Marlin Stutzman forgets to tell you in his well-written and filmed ad that's clearly targeted at the ultra conservative base is that he's been in Congress since 2010.  In 2002, he was elected to the Indiana House, and he served two years in the Indiana Senate.  For a guy that's just 39 years old, that's 14 years running for or being in elected office.

Stutzman looks good slingin' hay and carryin' a bag of feed in his Carhart jacket, but let's be real.  He's part of the problem in Washington.  Because of his ultraconservative district, he's able to keep his ultraconservative views and be a dam to any river of progress that there might ever be in Congress.

He can get guys that sound like Paul Harvey to narrate his "God Made a Farmer"-like ads all he wants, but Hoosiers know the truth.  Marlin Stutzman may be a farmer, but he's one of them Washingtonians, too...and one of the obstructionist kind.

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