Thursday, December 3, 2015

Walker Announces Resignation

December 15, 2015 will be the last day Marion County Republican Chair Kyle Walker will be on the job.

The GOP chairman of the state’s most-populous county announced his resignation today on Twitter, effective December 15. At that time, there will be a caucus to select his replacement.

Walker was elected Republican Party Chair in December of 2010. After five years on the job, he has little to show for his efforts. Democrats are in control of every major Indianapolis City/County office, the City-County Council, the 7th District Congressional seat, and several key General Assembly seats. 

When Walker came to power, Republicans still held the Mayor’s Office and City-County Council. Those went bye bye in 2011. He struggled to find candidates after that point. It’s been tough going.

I’ve never met Walker, but he’s been an occasional Twitter foe. The Republicans decide to place in the role. Certainly, it won’t be an easy job.  It might be tough to find a chair.    

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Anonymous said...

To allege that "After five years on the job, he has little to show for his efforts" is not accurate in the context of Walker's personal enrichment. Kyle Walker and especially his wife Jennifer Hallowell Walker sucked up stacks of cash over the years with "consulting services" for Marion County GOP candidates and especially through their cash cow named Greg Ballard. Their track record is just pathetic and any GOP candidate who paid the Walkers and lost (which would be almost all of them) should have their heads examined to heed them in the first place.

Like every Marion County Republican Chair before him, Walker excelled in feathering his nest at the expense of his Party. But when one has no principles, is amoral, and as prickly as the out-going mayor... hey, you get what you got when you elevated the guy five years ago.

I am just wondering what little minion Bryce Carpenter is going to do now.