Thursday, November 5, 2015

Republicans Bank on Council Majority, Find One Seat Minority

Tuesday was a great night for Democrats in Marion County, but it was a horrible night for Republicans...especially on the City-County Council.  The GOP was banking on a majority.  It got a one-seat minority.  Eight of nine townships will have at least one Democrat representing them on the Council...including Decatur.

While the GOP and Colleen Fanning did pick up District 2 on the Council, Republicans ended up losing two seats they could not lose and two veteran Councillors were defeated.  

Ben Hunter seemed to be on the road to a leadership position.  Some even thought he might take over as Minority Leader or even Council President if Republicans took the majority.  Instead, he's going home as Democrat David Ray outworked him and won.  Hunter blamed David Brooks' new lines for his loss.  The new district was part of it, but, behind the scenes, many Democrats on the Council were happy to see Hunter's loss. 

Another stunning defeat was GOP Councillor Bob Lutz.  I have had a front row seat to watch this upset.  Jared Evans worked this district amazingly hard.  He knocked doors in places where people haven't knocked doors in ages.  He took the fight into flooded neighborhoods and listened to people tell him their problems.  He shook hands, gave hugs, and he made people understand he cared.  You can't fool the folks of District 22.  Jared cares, and that's why he won.  I'm not saying that Bob Lutz doesn't care.  He does.

Other incumbents proved pretty popular with their district people.  Christine Scales, Janice McHenry, Jeff Miller, and Frank Mascari all turned away strong challenges from well-financed and hard-working challengers.  

Sadly, my friends Kip Tew and Pam Hickman failed to win reelection to the Council as they both lost tough races.  With Tew, Hickman, Hunter and Lutz, Jose Evans, John Barth, Angela Mansfield, Will Gooden, Ginny Cain, and Jefferson Shreve will not be returning to the Council in January.  That means there will be several new City-County Councillors.

I predict that Maggie Lewis will be reelected as Council President.  I also think you'll see some new faces step forward in both parties as leaders in the Council.

The transition period has begun.


Anonymous said...

Ben Hunter served the interests of attorney David Brooks and attorney Susan Brooks far more than the people of his district. Good riddance to Mr. Hunter.

The Warren Township GOP was like God's Waiting Room under the now-deceased Barb Fowler. The truth is she was a total sycophant for Kyle Walker and would probably try to walk on water if ordered to do so by the corrupt MCRCC. Lord knows she thought she could. This is not dissing the dead but speaking the truth about a woman so full of bile that most in her party turned their backs when they saw her coming.

Looking forward to seeing Mr. Evans follow through.

It is sad that Mr. Hogsett will allow to stand the corrupt and illegal deals of Greg Ballard ... but he promised as much long before the Tuesday vote. The fix is in for those illegal deals. So, to all the politicians, I say... don't expect the people to follow your laws if you will not.

Anonymous said...

Hunter seemed to miss as many council and committee meetings as he attended. When he was elected to Council, Hunter was an IMPD officer who was known for involvement with the community. In the past few years, he only became involved in issues that generated a lot of media attention in his district. His rise from IMPD officer to Security Chief to Chief of Staff at Butler left little time for constituents. His Council office was the reason for the advancement of his professional career and ultimately caused the end of it. In Hunter's case, re-districting wasn't why he lost, his loss of interest in his constituents was.