Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Pence Sued, Defied on Same Day Over Refugee Refusal

Governor Mike Pence
It was a bad Monday for Governor Mike Pence.

First of all Exodus International announced that it would continue to settle refugees from all over the world in Indiana...including Syria.  Then, later in the day, the ACLU announced that it was filing suit against Governor Pence in federal court for attempting to block Syrian refugees at the state's border.

Pence had no official comment, but you can't think for a minute that he's happy with either challenge of his authoritah especially after he thought he had put it to bed with his poorly-received op-ed.

I stand with the ACLU and Exodus on this case.  These Syrian refugees are running from the people we fear and should not be feared by us.  They go through an exhaustive process and deserve better from a Governor who's more interested in politics than actually helping the refugees. I'm glad someone is holding him accountable.

As we've also seen, neither the Indiana Democratic Party nor John Gregg, the presumed nominee for Governor on the Democratic side, seem too interested in holding Governor Pence's feet to the fire on this issue or, most-importantly, standing up for the immigrants who deserve better all around.


Anonymous said...

On this and other issues Gregg fails the test for this 'yellow dog" Dem.

Anonymous said...

Keep it up, Jon. You are correct. How any candidate of either party can now remain silent or offer a press release that is so confusing that no one knows what it means is cowardice. Pence drug Indiana into this mess now the citizens need to know how our next governor will handle it.