Monday, November 23, 2015

JohnnyStir Show Returns to

If you follow me or Indiana Talks on social media, you know this already, but I'm returning to the internet airwaves on December 7 with a brand new iteration of the JohnnyStir Show on

My first run of the show aired from February 18, 2013 through July 28, 2014 on Monday Nights from 9-10 on Indiana Talks.  I decided to end the show on back in July of 2014 to concentrate on my candidacy for City-County Council here in Indianapolis.  I didn't think I could do my job as a teacher, run a political campaign, plan a talk show, and continue to blog effectively.  Something would have suffered.

Gary Snyder, the founder of Indiana Talks, told me when I left the show that it was just a hiatus, and that I would have a spot on his network in the future if I wanted one.  I told him that I appreciated that, but I really didn't expect to take him up on it.

Over the past few weeks and with the campaign over, I got to thinking about what I could do to make a difference.  This blog is one thing.  As I've said many times to people, when I started blogging, it was to simply scratch an itch as a writer.  I never intended this blog to have a readership of thousands and millions over time.  It was simply a way for me to write what I wanted to write about.

There have been times that I've lost my "mojo" here on the blog, and I've always come back fired up and more ready to bring the best political commentary, opinion, and analysis from left of center to my readers.  Sometimes, I've been able to bring my personal life into this blog, and you've welcomed it.  I appreciate that.

I want to bring the same thing you see and read here back to Indiana Talks, but I also want to add some journalism and radio.  You see, those things are a part of me, too.  With the 2016 Presidential Election coming up, I have a feeling it's going to be a great year.

So, without making this post much longer, I'm back.  I'm hoping I'm back for good.  I don't know what might stop me unless Gary tells me to go fly a kite or I get another jones to run for office again.

I hope you'll give us a listen when we come back on Mondays from 8-9 p.m. on the Indiana Talks network.  For a full programming schedule, visit the website at

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