Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Hollande Opens French Borders to Refugees, Why Doesn't Indiana?

French President
Francois Hollande
French President Francois Hollande announced that his country would continue to take refugees from the Middle East even after the awful terrorist attacks last Friday in Paris.

Hollande's announcement came as France, Belgium, and other authorities across Europe continue to investigate the attacks and track down those responsible for planning them.

In short, things have barely calmed down, but Hollande still had a moment to announce his country would continue to do the right thing and accept those who have lost so much.

On this side of the pond, governors from several U.S. states as well as House Speaker Paul Ryan, and other mostly Republican leaders called for a moratorium on accepting refugees for fear that some of them might be radical Islamists bent on attacking our country.  This despite the exhaustive vetting process that the refugees must go through to be accepted and placed in the U.S.  Mike Pence, Joe Donnelly, Dan Coats, Jackie Walorski, and other Hoosier movers and shakers subscribed to this fearful response rather than to open our arms in hospitality to those that have already lost so much.

Even Hollande, whose country has barely rested since Friday, would seem to find this response quizzical.  As quoted by the Guardian, Hollande said, "Some people have tried to draw a connection between the movement of refugees from the Middle East and the terrorist threat. This link exists because people from Iraq and Syria live in areas controlled by Islamic State and are killed by those who attack us."

Governor Pence, please call your office.


Anonymous said...

if obama can't even say the words islamic terrorism...can't even call it what it is, the hll with allowing more refugees in. simply come out and say not all, but some muslims are islamic terrorists. the fact he refuses yet is eager to call gop terrorist says a lot about the guy.

obama is the worst ever...

Eric said...

"Religious terrorism" is the proper terminology. Throughout history, fanatics from all religions have committed terrorism. Some violent anti-abortion activists could be labeled "Christian terrorists". To suggest that Islam is a religion of terrorism, or the only religion who has terrorists, is a gross distortion. Obama is, in fact, the best ever, in that during this period of hysteria, he is fighting demagoguery rather than promoting it to get votes in the next election. That's called COURAGE! And how quickly we forget. It is George W. Bush's war in Iraq which created ISIS by tearing apart a stable nation, leaving a vacuum for a terrorist movement. None of this horror would be occurring now if not for the Iraq war.