Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Democrats Take Control of Indianapolis Government

Indianapolis is back in the hands of the Democrats.

Joe Hogsett dusted Chuck Brewer, and Democrats used two unexpected upsets to claim an apparent 13-12 majority on the City-County Council.

In the races thought to be close, only one truly was.  Colleen Fanning prevailed over Kip Tew in a tight battle.

In the other so-called swing districts, it was a different story as they really weren't close.  In District 3, Christine Scales won reelection over Pam Hickman.  Jeff Miller turned back a challenge from Emily Shrock in District 16, and Frank Mascari trounced Anthony Davidson in District 21.

It was David Ray's stunning upset of Ben Hunter and Bob Lutz's huge loss to Jared Evans that provided the Council with its 13-12 Democratic majority.  Councillor Maggie Lewis apparently will stay Madame President.

The Council line-up will be as follows:
District 1-Leroy Robinson (D) (pickup)
District 2-Colleen Fanning (R) (new, sorta new seat, pickup)
District 3-Christine Scales (R) (hold)
District 4-Mike McQuillen (R) (hold)
District 5-Jeff Coats (R) (new, hold)
District 6-Janice McHenry (R) (hold)
District 7-Joe Simpson (D) (hold)
District 8-Monroe Gray (D) (hold)
District 9-Duke Oliver (D) (hold)
District 10-Maggie Lewis (D) (hold)
District 11-Vop Osili (D) (hold)
District 12-Blake Johnson (D) (new, hold)
District 13-Stephen Clay (D) (hold)
District 14-LaKeishia Jackson (D) (hold)
District 15-Marilyn Pfisterer (R) (hold)
District 16-Jeff Miller (R) (hold)
District 17-Zach Adamson (D) (hold)
District 18-Susie Cordi (R) (new, new seat)
District 19-David Ray (D) (new, pickup)
District 20-Jason Holliday (R) (hold)
District 21-Frankie Mascari (D) (hold)
District 22-Jared Evans (D) (new, pickup)
District 23-Scott Kreider (R) (new,hold)
District 24-Jack Sandlin (R) (hold)
District 25-Aaron Freeman (R) (hold)

More to come on this election on Thursday.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations for entering the arena as a candidate. While the result wasn't what you were desiring, the courage and energy necessary for the race is admirable. And trust me, I have experience on this next opinion: As time goes by, you will see that you actually won, by not being elected.

johnnystir said...

I know some people look at me funny when I say this, but the baseline for my area was predicted to be about 30 percent Democratic. I got 38.24 percent of the vote. I have NOTHING to be ashamed of. I really did enjoy this race, and I can see a path to climb above 40 percent in four years if I decide to try it again.