Monday, October 5, 2015

Meyers Takes Down Right's Planned Parenthood Hearings Farce

It took him a while, but Seth Meyers has finally eased into the chair of the Late Night franchise and is comfortable as its host.

He's done it by taking what he did best over on SNL and highlighting a lot of it.  For example, he epic-ly and expertly takes down the right's witch hunt Congressional hearings on Planned Parenthood in this clip below.

Excellent work, Seth.

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Paul K. Ogden said...

It's not smart for Seth Meyers to start off his Late Night career by ticking off half his audience. His obnoxiousness in doing so doesn't help matters. I know I'll never watch him after seeing this clip and I guarantee you many people will feel the same way.

So much of what he says is false or, at best, misleading. The notion that no federal dollars goes to abortion is extremely misleading. Money is fungible. The fact that the taxpayers provide funding for 41% of the PP's non-abortion activities simply frees up PP donations for abortion activities. So, yes, taxpayers are funding abortions.

The so-called "heavily edited" PP videos are misleading. The videos are available in full on line. They edited some of them to provide shorter versions that would be more easily consumed. Did they edit it to emphasize the points they wanted to make? You betcha. Just like any interest group or TV news outfit would do. The fact is though the entire unedited versions are available on-line for people to see if the edited version is a fair representation of the full video. How many interest groups do that? Virtually none.

This isn't about women's healthcare. The bill defunding PP would provide the same level of support for women's healthcare. Rather this is about an outfit, Planned Parenthood, that engages in gruesome second trimester abortions that are as barbaric as they come. I can't believe you, Jon, would defend those abortions. This is also about the possible violation of federal law not only in the sale of fetal body parts, but also PP's doctors changing the abortion protocol (sometimes using breech) to better produce intact body parts. PP denies the former, and the videos are up for debate on that point. But there is no question PP officials are caught red-handed talking about changing the abortion protocol, a crime.

If you read what Fiorina actually said during the debate, Fiorina never said the video described the technician extracting the brain of a fetus by cutting open the face of a fetus that had a beating heart. She also never said the video showing the aborted baby that was alive took place at a Planned Parenthood video. It was video taken at another facility. Fiorina never said otherwise. (And the claim it was a stillborn baby has been refuted - stillborn baby by definition are not alive when born). Although it's often derided as "stock footage" it's still actual video.

The irony is that Meyers complains about "heavily edited" PP footage and then engages in the exact same tactics x 100. Meyers employs edits that completely distort the testimony and the congressmen's questions in order to mock those who oppose Planned Parenthood.

Not a good start for Seth Meyers.