Friday, October 30, 2015

Mascari Deserves Four More Years on Council

We’ve looked at the tight races in District 2, 3, and 16. Let’s head over to Beech Grove and surrounding area for our next stop as Indy Democrat looks at the key Council races you’ll be watching with interest on Election Night. 

In 2011, Beech Grove business owner Frankie Mascari was elected his current Council seat.  He began the race as an underdog to incumbent Susie Day.  When the votes were counted on Election Night, even though he had been outspent, Mascari was one of the best stories of the night for the Democrats as they picked up a seat on the notoriously-red Southside of Indianapolis.  

Turns out, Mascari's win would begin to lead a turnaround in Beech Grove that extended past the City-County Council to the Mayor's Office and other offices in the city.  

Mascari has tons of name recognition, and he's done a sensational job on the Council.  He's been one of the Mayor's most vocal critics on the way Ballard has done business.  It's no wonder Ballard has endorsed Beech Grove Councillor Anthony Davidson for the seat.  Ballard has even stumped for Davidson on a recent television ad.

The newly-drawn District 21 has changed from the old District 20 boundaries.  It still includes Beech Grove but now has more territory to the north and to the west than it used to have.  It now extends up to Prospect on the southern end of Fountain Square (which is now split between three Council districts).  Registration numbers show this will be a close race.

At the end of the day, District 21 loves a fighter, and they have that in Frankie Mascari.  If they want four more excellent years of service, they will reelect Frankie to the Council.

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