Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Hogsett Releases Ninth TV Ad

Last Monday, Joe Hogsett released his ninth TV ad. This one is called “Cleanup” and addresses the problem of abandoned properties in Indianapolis.

So, if you’re keeping track:

Ad 1-Established Joe’s credentials

Ad 2-Established Joe’s backstory with his father’s accident

Ad 3-More backstory along with Joe’s work as a federal prosecutor to fight crime.

Ad 4-Discussed setting up a Summer Jobs Program for teens

Ad 5-Took us to Joe’s home in Rushville largely in a biographical ad

Ad 6-Discussed the 30-year moratorium on streetlights and crime

Ad 7-Offered hints for parents to keep kids safe from online predators

Ad 8-Talked about Joe’s cheap nature in that he would not buy new sneakers

Chuck Brewer’s ad posted here a few days ago also ran during the Colts game on Sunday. I have yet to see it play again. It’s largely a biographical ad covering similar themes as Greg Ballard’s ads from the past.

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