Thursday, October 1, 2015

Indy Democrat Blog Endorses John Gregg

John Gregg
All political winds say it’s going to be John Gregg vs. Mike Pence II coming up in 2016 for Indiana Governor whether some Democrats like it or not.

That’s fine with me.

In fact, I endorse John Gregg for Governor of Indiana in 2016.

Now, I understand that may cause some of you to apoplectically hurl something towards the computer, and I get it.

You’re not sold on John Gregg. You think he’s not liberal enough or progressive enough. You are disturbed by his views on a woman’s right to choose or perhaps penalizing him for his past opposition to same sex marriage or believe he’s too close to groups like ALEC.

I share some of your concerns. I do, but here’s the truth. It’s going to take a lot of money and a lot of time to knock off Mike Pence in November of 2016, but it’s critical that Democrats do it. John Gregg has shown the ability to be the candidate to do it.

Yes, he’s anti-choice, but he’s not going to cut off the funding of Planned Parenthood. No, he’s not a perfect candidate for a progressive, but I think he’s a good candidate for Governor of Indiana.

From double digits down in the last month of the 2012 race, Gregg closed to within three percentage points when the votes were counted. He did it by learning from his mistakes in the early campaign and with a sharp message directed right at Pence.

It turns out mostly what he said about Pence in 2012 was right. The Governor has been anything but a unifying force in this state. He’s done almost everything he could to divide us. He’s also shown a lack of pure understanding about how state government works and at times how to make policy with his own supermajorities. In a state of a weak governor, Pence has been weakest.

Gregg has the ability to work across the aisle and bring Indiana back from the laughingstock it has become for the rest of the nation.

Now make no mistake, if you thought Pence had a tough job, Gregg will have an even tougher one. He’s going to be the lone Democrat gear in a system the Republicans think has worked pretty well for a while, but that’s another reason why Gregg is perfectly suited for the challenge.

The challenges of working with a 50-50 House of Representatives when he was Speaker certainly tested his abilities.

Electing a Democrat to the Governor’s Office would be a huge first step to rebuilding a majority to help Governor Gregg pass an agenda. To get there, Gregg needs the time and the resources it's going to take to defeat Pence.

I have been blessed to have four very long conversations with John Gregg. One was at his house in Sandborn, and three others have been on the phone. One thing that struck me each time was how curious Gregg is. He genuinely wants to hear what people think and what people are thinking. I also think that some are being unfair to John because his opinions have changed. Gregg 2016 is a bit more progressive and a lot less prescriptive than Gregg 2012 was. I think he’s more open to suggestion than perhaps before. He knows enough to know he doesn’t know it all.

John Gregg has done the work to earn not only my endorsement but those of unions, politicians, and others across the state. I wish him well in doing what he has to do to FIRE MIKE PENCE.

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