Monday, October 19, 2015

In Memoriam: Mark St. John

Mark St. John
Indianapolis has lost a great voice for equality, and I have lost a friend.  According to multiple sources including my fellow blogger, Sheila Kennedy, our friend Mark St. John passed away suddenly after returning home from traveling.

As we've seen the polls swing around to support LGBTQIA causes, it's been because people like Mark St. John stood up and demanded that people in power listen.  No one does anything worth note without shaking some trees and rocking some boats, and Mark was no different.

I'll always remember now the last time I saw him.  Zach Adamson held a birthday party for his husband, Christian Mosburg, on September 26.  It was a really good night where several friends got together and watched a movie, ate some great chili, and enjoyed each other's company before parting and going our separate ways again.

Mark was there.  I noticed he was nursing a sore foot, so we talked about that for a bit.  "This will heal," I remember Mark saying.  He looked good.  Certainly, I had no idea that he'd be gone in less than a month.

Never ever take for granted those friends you have.  You never know when it will be your last conversation with them.  I never saw Mark leave that night, so I wish I would have at least had a chance to say so long.

Thanks to Mark for all he did to advance LGBTQIA causes in Indiana, and thanks for being a pioneer who spoke out when speaking out on these issues was not popular.  At least he lived long enough to see a world where equality took on a whole new meaning.

Rest easy, friend.


Anonymous said...

We have all lost a great friend. He never worried about the future, only how to make it better. Rest in peace my friend.

Christine Scales said...

I am shocked and saddened by this news. His death is indeed a great loss to the community. My sympathies to you, his circle of friends, colleagues and family.
Christine Scales

Linda P said...

Mark was one of a kind and he will be sorely missed by many in many ways. We've lost a treasured friend, confidant and LGBT warrior.

Douglass Davidoff said...

Mark St. John has.been an advocate for equal rights and better economic conditions for people since the 1980s. When I worked at the INdiana Housing Finance Authority, I met Mark and was introduced to his skill, his vision, his passion, and his friendship. He is a loss to Indiana and the cause of equality everywhere coast to coast.

-- Douglass Taft Davidoff
Indiana Democratic Central Comittee staff, 1999-2002
Now in Bridgeport, Connecticut | | (203) 290-4371

Doug Meagher said...

We've lost a champion for the disadvantaged and the disenfranchised, those who struggle at the margins of society. Thousands of Hoosiers who probably never met him will have a better life because of his work.