Friday, October 16, 2015

Hogsett Reaching Out to Faith-Based Community

Joe Hogsett
When Greg Ballard took the Mayor's Office in 2007 and defended his win in 2011, many commentators looked at the faith-based community as the group that powered his narrow victories.

Give the Mayor credit, he's been able to reach out and has been able to talk to churches and pastors all over the City of Indianapolis and sell them on his policies thus gaining their loyalty.

It appears that Joe Hogsett has been working hard to gain the support of this part of Ballard's perceived stronghold.  He's even continued to reach out to the faith-based community with this radio ad currently airing on targeted radio stations across Indy.

I don't think this race for Mayor will be close on November 3, but it's nice to know that, just-in-case, Hogsett is reaching directly out to the faith-based community in action and in ads.  He's not taking it for granted.

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