Saturday, October 24, 2015

Fanning Going Negative on Tew in District 2 Race

Colleen Fanning
Newly-drawn City-County Council District 2 is the site of one of the most hotly-contested races of this election cycle.

The northside district that includes important Indy areas like Broad Ripple has incumbent At-Large Democrat Kip Tew battling Republican Colleen Fanning.  Libertarian Sam Goldstein is also in the race.

Both candidates have raised a lot of money including a recent $20,000 contribution by Bill Osterle to Fanning.  It was the largest contribution anyone can remember from a single contributor to a Council candidate.  It exceeds the entire yearly salary of a Councillor.

The race for that seat has been expensive because both parties want control of the Council, and District 2 may hold the key to that control.

Councillor Kip Tew
Tew, who likely would be running At-Large if not for the GOP-backed power grab that eliminated the At-Large seats, has seen Fanning run a TV ad on her own, and she also received an endorsement in a television ad from Greg Ballard.

Now, with that extra change from Osterle, the former Angie's List CEO, in her pocket, it appears she's going negative on Tew.  The candidate reports via Facebook:  "It's come to my attention that my opponent has decided to launch negative partisan attacks by the way of mailers. I'm disappointed in the negative campaigning while our district is dealing with a crime wave. Please check out my latest mailer in contrast."

He then posted a picture of his issues-based mailing highlighting an endorsement from Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry.

While I haven't seen the mailers Tew is referring to in his Facebook post, if Fanning has gone negative, that likely means that she is behind.  This isn't Tew's first rodeo, so he will know exactly how to respond.

As for me, it's disturbing that one person wrote a check in this race for $20,000.  I don't care that Osterle is a social liberal.  It just disturbs me.  I honestly would have thought twice about accepting the donation had I been Fanning, but I'm clearly


Paul K. Ogden said...

It is unlikely there is any good polling in the district so I would assume they're probably acting on gut instinct. It is only a largely Republican district buy a couple percent and with popular Hogsett leading the ticket that may well be enough to push Tew over the top. as far as going negative I don't see anything wrong with telling the voters why you should not vote for the other long as you stay away from the personal stuff it's perfectly fine.

Paul K. Ogden said...
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Paul K. Ogden said...

Sorry for the bad grammar. I was trying to dictate from my phone.