Thursday, October 15, 2015

Draft Biden PAC Making Powerful Argument for Biden Run

The question hanging over the Democratic Debate on Tuesday was: Will Joe Biden get in?

That remains to be seen, but the PAC trying to draft Biden to run has done two extremely effective ads that show exactly why the Vice President would be formidable in this upcoming 2016 Election Cycle.

The first spot.

And the second.

I thought the Vice President hurt himself by sitting out Tuesday's debate in Las Vegas, and I thought if he was going to run that he needed to announce sometime today or Friday.  I still believe that.

The debate on Tuesday showed that there may in fact be a podium for Biden on the stage, but the need for an alternative candidate between the three major candidates for the nomination may be drying up.  Biden may be missing his last shot and perhaps his best shot at the big chair in the Oval Office.

Then again, knowing Joe Biden's work all these years, that's probably fine with him.  The longer this goes, the less likely he runs.  He at least owes the candidates running an answer.

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