Friday, October 2, 2015

Campaign Crunchtime Hits

It's October 2.

So far, no one has released an official poll in the race for Mayor of Indianapolis.

Joe Hogsett
Chuck Brewer
Rumors say that polling has been done and that it is not particularly good news for Chuck Brewer, but Joe Hogsett said he's going to run this race through the finish line like he's "20 points behind."

Hogsett has saturated the market with a variety of TV and radio ads.  We've learned all about him and have even gotten to hear about his plans for the city as Mayor.  The public at large still doesn't know Chuck Brewer, but the Republicans still are trying to roll him out in the public persona of Mayor Greg Ballard II.

On the stump, Hogsett rarely refers to his opponent and instead focuses on what he would do as Mayor of Indianapolis.  He leans heavily on his experience and his record as United States Attorney.

Brewer himself might have tipped the narrative of the last month of the campaign earlier this week at the Decatur Township Civic Council Meeting when he indirectly attacked Hogsett as a career politician who's running for Mayor of Indianapolis to satisfy some need to "be somebody."

To describe his own candidacy, Brewer used the familiar Ballard lines of, "I'm a Marine not a politician," and touted his experience at Sears and as a business owner as qualifications to become the head honcho of the City of Indianapolis and Marion County.

Democrats in the know say to watch for the Brewer campaign to hit with nasty, negative ads the last few weeks of the campaign. They still should have that $400,000 check Mayor Ballard wrote the Brewer campaign after he won the nomination.  With a skilled campaign team, that money can go a long way in the last few weeks.

Whatever happens, there are just a few more ads, tactics, and political plays to unfold before us.  It's crunch time!

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