Friday, October 23, 2015

Brewer's Political (or Will Be)...Make No Mistake

Chuck Brewer
I heard Chuck Brewer say it again on Saturday at the Marion County Alliance of Neighborhood Associations Meeting.  Brewer says it with so much ease that I almost think he believes it.

"I'm not a politician."

Brewer then often goes on and touts his Marine Corps experience, his work at Sears Roebuck in Chicago, and his entrepreneurship that opened two downtown restaurants.  It's a good solid resume.

The GOP nominee is following the same playbook with the same campaign advisory staff that carried Greg Ballard to an upset win over Bart Peterson and made it stick by holding the office in defeating Melina Kennedy.

Ballard's mantra the first time was that he was a Marine and not a politician and that he been successful as a small business owner.  Ballard even had written a book about it.  Clocking in at a whopping 71 pages, The Ballard Rules is more long pamphlet than book.  The second time around, he kept the Marine and not a politician thing, but he added in the slogan "Leadership at Work".

Joe Hogsett
Greg Ballard has been anything but not a politician.  From his dealings with campaign supporters to appointments to his dealings with the City-County Council, Greg Ballard has shown he's absolutely a politician and a pretty good one.  If a Republican can find a way to get elected twice in a city that swings Democratic, then I'd say he's been pretty successful at making his own brand of politics.

It's the brand Chuck Brewer's running on.

I don't mean to be cynical here because I'm not.  I'm a politician because I'm running for office.  I'm political.  If I'm elected, politics will be my thing.  It's inevitable.  If Chuck Brewer is elected, he'll be a politician too.  Someone will give him a list of appointments to make, and he's going to be confronted with decisions about campaign donors.

To me, Joe Hogsett has the experience in politics and government to chart his own path.  That's the kind of experience you don't get in food service or corporate America.  City government isn't a business. It's a much different animal, and that's why we need Joe.

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Rosemary Rodgers said...

Lately, I see the "I'm not a politician" used to good effect. The problem with that phrase is that government needs to be run by people with experience in governing. Governments can't be run like a business or like the Marines are run. Just see how all this "not a politician" jazz has brought us the two top runners in the presidential campaign, two people who know nothing about how governments are run or about the Constitution, yet seem very proud of their ignorance, insisting it's a virtue.