Thursday, October 22, 2015

Both Indy Mayor Candidates Up with New Ads in Closing Days

It's time for closing arguments in the Mayor's race.

Chuck Brewer's finally received the endorsement of the man whose budget he often criticizes in his stump speech, Mayor Greg Ballard.  Ballard dropped $400,000 into the race early and then has waited until now to officially put his stamp of approval on Brewer's campaign.

The ad featuring Ballard also goes after two of Ballard's biggest foes on the Council, indirectly.  One is Kip Tew, one of the best friends of Marion County Democratic Party Chair Joel Miller, and one of the At-Large Councillors seeking a district seat.  Colleen Fanning is getting the Mayor's endorsement in District 2.  Fanning also received a cash infusion of $20,000 from Republican and former Angie's List CEO Bill Osterle a last week.  Ballard's endorsement will certainly be met with a mixed reception in Broad Ripple where public safety is a challenge and many activists look at Mayor Ballard's parking garage with disdain.

The other Councillor singled out is Frankie Mascari.  Mascari has been very vocal against the Blue Indy and Freedom Fleet deals as well as the way Mayor Ballard has done business.  Ballard endorses Mascari's opponent, Anthony Davidson, in the ad.  Mascari is a beloved figure in Beech Grove with great name recognition.  Like District 2, Dems must hold this district to maintain the majority.

I'd say the inclusion of the Council candidates in this ad shows how much Republicans are putting their chips on the Council campaign.

Meanwhile, Joe Hogsett has gone on the air with an ad that just kind of sums up the themes of his campaign so far.  It's a strong ad that drives home the idea that Hogsett's administration will concentrate on the neighborhoods of Indianapolis.  It's Hogsett's 10th spot.


Anonymous said...

Surprises that Hogsett hasn't thrown his support behind some Democratic councillors in his commercials.

johnnystir said...

The Hogsett campaign has been coordinating with Council candidates for weeks. Also, it's very unusual and unprecedented for Council candidates to be featured in or buy TV ads. The only time it happened in the past was in 2007 with Ballard and Kent Smith.