Monday, October 12, 2015

2015 Mayoral Race Markedly Different Than Previous Two Mayoral Election Cycles

John Krull wrote about it, and Abdul-Hakim Shabazz said he's about to.

The 2015 Mayoral Election cycle has been characterized by what it hasn't been:  NEGATIVE.

2007 was a bare knuckles brawl between Greg Ballard, the outsider riding the wave of angst over property taxes, and the two-term incumbent, Bart Peterson.  Peterson was the heavy favorite even two months out, but an uptick in crime, a poorly-timed tax increase and a well-coordinated independently-created internet campaign greatly benefited Ballard.

In 2011, the most expensive race for Indy Mayor in history saw Greg Ballard fight off Melina Kennedy.  Ballard was successful in planting his continued image as a non-political outsider just taking care of the issues.  Kennedy tried, but she was unsuccessful in portraying Ballard as out-of-touch on key issues.  Channel 8 did this report in August of 2011 highlighting the early negativity of that race.

It's been quite the change to say the least to see Chuck Brewer and Joe Hogsett aiming their rhetorical fodder at the issues rather than each other.

Sure, there's been some signs of it.  I've heard Republicans attack Hogsett for his electoral past.  I've heard some Democrats attack Brewer for his lack of experience and for being relatively unknown.  None of these attacks have come from either Hogsett or Brewer or their campaigns and staffs.

It remains to be seen if this campaign remains above board, but both candidates can be proud of the way they have campaigned for the office so far...and so can the voters.

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