Monday, September 21, 2015

Sugar's Sour Exit from Governor's Race

Tom Sugar
Tom Sugar has said no on his run for Governor.

In a long and complete statement, Sugar walks readers through his decision.  Much of which is understandable.  A 14-month run for Governor would have had an indelible effect on Sugar's family.  He said that he could not keep his job with the non-profit organization and had trouble attracting business to a small business he tried to form.

Sugar also spoke at length about an issue close to his heart; the way legislative districts are drawn.  He talked about the disappointment that many of our legislative races are decided before one vote is cast by the way they are drawn and urged Hoosiers to stand up and do better.

The former Bayh aide also spoke out against the Indiana Democratic Party.

"At the same time, the Indiana Democratic Party and many of its key financial supporters did all they could to discourage my campaign, fearing a primary challenge to John Gregg. I believe this is wrongheaded and hope to live long enough to see the day when Hoosier Democrats begin to behave like winners, confident enough to welcome new leaders, new energy and new ideas. Sadly, it doesn’t appear this will be the case in 2016."

So, it doesn't appear that Sugar will be embracing John Gregg, but why should Gregg be punished and penalized for entering the race early and elbowing out his competition?  No one prevented Sugar from launching a run on his own, some calls from his former boss or even a couple of checks could have leveled the playing field between Gregg and Sugar.

I believe many progressives have issues with Gregg's conservative brand of politics, but I also know that Gregg is not nearly as bad for Indiana as four more years of Mike Pence would be given Gregg's record as Speaker of the Indiana House and his conversations with me.

Sugar's statement simply muddies the water. I think Sugar's a good man, and I'm glad he considered a run, but I say don't blame it on family and financial concerns and then in almost the same breath attack your own party for forcing you out of a race you never entered late.

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