Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Sugar Keeps Politicos In Suspense

It’s been a few days since former Evan Bayh Chief of Staff and current Complete College Vice President Tom Sugar took to Twitter and announced that he had made his decision regarding a run for Governor of Indiana.

We have stayed tuned, but it seems more like a test pattern than a program of any note so far. We have less of answer and just more questions.

In the meantime, John Gregg has just kept on keeping on.  Just this past weekend, Gregg wrapped up the endorsement of the Marion County Democratic Party Central Committee. He’s also continued to crisscross the state in an effort to add to his position as the frontrunner to win the Democratic nomination in 2016. Whether Sugar enters or not, I’d have to say, by any objective measure, that Gregg's position is strong.  

He appears well positioned for a fight.

Could that be what's delaying Sugar's decision?  Money may or may not be a factor, and Gregg has shown a significant ability to raise funds.  He may have already shaken many of the early trees Sugar might approach.  There is still a trump card for Sugar...and I don't mean "The Donald".

If Sugar's position as a former Bayh staffer can cause the former Governor and Senator to open his campaign purse and drop a couple of million on Sugar, it will instantly equalize the playing field. Still, Sugar starts from way behind in voter contact and finds himself in a name recognition hole.  That's not sweet.  It is still early, and these things could still be overcome especially with Bayh’s blessing and considerable help.

It will be interesting to see what Sugar decides to do.  Mike Pence awaits.

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