Thursday, September 24, 2015

Right Bullies Pope Francis Ignoring His Teachings

Pope Francis visits with First Dogs Bo and Sonny
Photo courtesy of the White House
Pete Souza

Pope Francis is making his first visit to the United States as Pontiff, and the far right is up a tree yelling, screaming, and protesting the leader of the Catholic Church's views.

With the Pope visiting the White House, Congress, and Washington, D.C. yesterday along with New York and Philadelphia before he leaves he country on Saturday, those on the far right are using the opportunity to essentially bully the Pope over his views on capitalism, climate change, and the pursuit of all things material.

What's amazing is that those on the right and the Pope stand in nearly the same political position on other controversial issues such as what defines marriage and abortion.  It's the Pope's more "leftist" views that have him being denounced on the right as the Anti-Pope.

For the Pope's part, he's answering the question correctly, and those on the right are being loons.  When it comes to the rich helping the poor, the pursuit of the almighty dollar, and taking care of the Earth, it's right out of the Bible those on the right claim to follow.

Hypocrisy.  That's what this is about.  It's about those that will stand on the Bible to keep gays separated but turn against God's word and teachings about how to treat the poor.  It's about what we value as humans.

The Pope is, in my estimation, a loving Pope and a caring Pope.  I know that even as he is bullied, doubted, libeled, and slandered by the right his message carries through to those in his flock.  It's why he is mobbed in every country he visits and why he is loved by so many.  Pope Francis, I believe, truly understands the teachings of Christianity.  Others out there who would disagree do so not because they are bad people but because the Pope refuses to play their games.  For him, it's not a question of rich vs. poor or how much is in my stock portfolio at the end of the day.  For the Pope, he wants a clean conscience when he meets St. Peter.

Now, I'm pretty much agnostic when it comes to religion these days.  I ask questions about a higher power, but I pretty much still believe in one.  The Pope makes me want to believe in a doctrine and a religion.  His kindness, openness, and seeming sincerity have drawn me closer to him and to God even though I'm not religious nor Catholic.  I find him to be one of the most fascinating people in the world, and please don't reduce this to right vs. left.

I don't believe Pope Francis is some Anti-Pope or that he and President Barack Obama are trying to establish some new world order.  Believe me, if the President of the United States wanted to do that, he wouldn't need a Pope on his side.  We've already seen how we can willy nilly attack sovereign nations on trumped up intelligence because we choose to do so.

I truly believe this Pope is teaching from his heart and his conscience.  Agree or disagree with him, I think he is someone to be embraced at this time of trouble in our world.  Perhaps he's the key to bringing peace and love back.

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