Wednesday, September 30, 2015

McMillin Resigns As Video Emerges

Former Rep. Jud McMillin
Indiana State Representative Jud McMillin shocked his caucus and politicos around the state by announcing he would resign his seat in the Indiana House citing family concerns.  Eyebrows were raised.

Turns out, according to the Indianapolis Star and other sources, an explicit video was has emerged, and McMillin's phone is the one that sent it.  McMillin had sent a befuddling text preemptively apologizing to anyone receiving anything offensive from him because his phone had been stolen.  

Everything suddenly made sense.

It's another sad end for an Indiana lawmaker.  McMillin, a sponsor this past session of the divisive RFRA legislation, was first elected in 2010 to the General Assembly defeating longtime Rep. Bob Bischoff. His rise has been meteoric through the Republican ranks.

His fall came even more quickly.

As I've said before when these things happen, I take no joy in commenting on them, and I tend to keep the unseemly off this blog.  I find that no one is perfect...least of all our elected officials.  It's just too bad that some seem to be so hypocritical.   

Mary Beth Schneider, a former veteran Indianapolis Star Statehouse reporter and current great Twitter follow summed up McMillin's resignation from the House better than I ever could.

Then later...

McMillin's caucus will replace his leadership position, and a group of precinct committeepeople will convene to see who will take over his seat in the General Assembly.  


Anonymous said...

He may have been a rising Republican star, but he had plenty of skeletons in his closet, and sounds like a pretty loathsome fellow.

johnnystir said...

Yes, I read Bil's excellent piece.