Wednesday, September 9, 2015

FOP Releases Endorsements

The Fraternal Order of Police Lodge 86 here in Indy released its list of endorsements last week. 

You’ll notice that I am not endorsed, but it was a very good process. I felt like I got a fair shot at it. Anyway, here is a list of those earning the endorsements of the FOP for City-County Council and Mayor of Indianapolis.

District 1-Brian Jones (R)
District 2-Kip Tew (D)
District 3-Christine Scales (R)
District 4-Ray Biederman (D)
District 5-Curtis Bigsbee (D)
District 6-Janice McHenry (R)
District 7-Adrienne Slash (R)
District 8-No Endorsement
District 9-No Endorsement
District 10-Maggie Lewis (D)
District 11-No Endorsement
District 12-Blake Johnson
District 13-No Endorsement
District 14-No Endorsement
District 15-Marilyn Pfisterer (R)
District 16-Jeff Miller (R)
District 17-Zach Adamson (D)
District 18-Susie Cordi (R)
District 19-Ben Hunter (R)
District 20-Jason Holliday (R)
District 21-Frank Mascari (D)
District 22-Bob Lutz (R)
District 23-Scott Kreider (R)
District 24-Jack Sandlin (R)
District 25-Aaron Freeman (R)
Mayor-Joe Hogsett (D)

In all, 13 Republicans were endorsed and seven Democrats got the nod. In addition, 13 incumbent Councillors earned the endorsement. Republican Council leader Mike McQuillen was not one of them.

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