Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Donnelly Takes on Hoosier Jobs in Donnelly Days

Joe Donnelly, it's so hard to stay mad at you.

The Junior Senator from Indiana has spent the last year going across the Hoosier State and taking on the jobs of everyday folks.  It's something the Senator calls "Donnelly Days".

Such is the conundrum of Hoosier Democrats when it comes to Joe Donnelly.

On one hand, Donnelly has a very authentic and human touch.  "Donnelly Days" is just one indication of that side of his personality.  Joe is Joe, and he has an everyman quality that relates well to Hoosiers.

On the other hand, Donnelly occasionally votes conservatively.  Recently, we were reminded of this on his procedural vote that could have stopped federal funding for Planned Parenthood.  While this also makes him popular among certain Hoosiers, many on the liberal Democrat side take great issue with his views.

To win reelection in 2018, Donnelly will somehow have to bring the two sides together as a coalition and maybe add some independents as well because you know that Republicans will be coming after the seat.

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