Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Davis Puts Self Over Constituents in Kentucky

Running for office takes a lot of time, effort, and, if you win, a lot of sacrifice.
When you raise your hand and take your Oath of Office, you are making a solemn promise to defend the United States Constitution and the constitution of the state or commonwealth whose people you serve.
In Kentucky, one public official has blatantly and wantonly decided to disregard her Oath of Office. For that, she should resign. 

As a true public official, one should know that the job is about those you serve, and it’s not about you.  Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis doesn’t seem to understand this. Despite being ordered to issue marriage licenses to couples in accordance with federal law, Davis still refuses to issue same gender couples marriage licenses. She’s doing so because she says it violates her own moral view of what’s wrong and what’s right by her religion.

Her religion, however, isn’t the determining factor here. Again, she raised her hand and took an oath. Kim Davis’ religious views should be secondary to doing her job as the Clerk of Rowan County. The Clerk of Rowan County has been ordered by the Supreme Court of the United States to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. Still, she defies the court’s order.

It's one person (Kim Davis) putting her rights over and ahead of everyone else, and it’s wrong.  The fact that she's a fellow Democrat makes it even more shameful.


Paul K. Ogden said...

For the record, she's refusing to issue any marriage licenses right now, not just same sex marriage licenses.

I'm a great believer in freedom of conscience laws. But when you're an elected official and you don't want to do your elected duties because of your conscience or religious objections, my sympathy goes out the window. The proper thing to do in such circumstances is to resign.

johnnystir said...

She's refusing to do her job, Paul.

Anonymous said...

a lady refuses to give out marriage licenses.....she deserves to go to jail.

a lady uses private server and deletes classified info in attempt to hide and obstruct investigators as they begin to find out she used her foundation to draw in bribes and allow other countries to shape policy.....she deserves a promotion and no big deal nothing to see here.

dems are a disgusting breed of hypocrites.