Monday, September 21, 2015

Brewer Narrative Sounds Familiar

Chuck Brewer
One of my friends on the Republican side of the aisle posted on Facebook in support of Chuck Brewer's campaign for Mayor.  Her post sounded eerily familiar.

Eight years ago, Mayor Bart Peterson was still considered the favorite at this time in the campaign.  A narrative began to emerge that his challenger, Greg Ballard, was a Marine who knew how to spend money and could figure out how to deliver city services "without asking for more of our money" and even returning money the Peterson Administration had collected in taxes.

Of course, after he was elected, Mayor Greg Ballard didn't return that money, and he's asked for more and more of our money in taxes and fees.  That also doesn't include the tax hikes that he's been blocked from getting through the Council.

Joe Hogsett hasn't made any pledges other than to be transparent and fiscally responsible when it comes to taxes because he knows that you can't see the future.  There might be a very good reason to come to the taxpayers and ask for more money.  

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