Monday, August 31, 2015

Tully Piece Reveals Depth of Sugar's Interest in Gubernatorial Run

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John Gregg just elbowed out Glenda Ritz and Karen Tallian in the race for Governor. Will he also have to elbow out Tom Sugar, a friend and longtime aide of Evan Bayh's?

The Indianapolis Star had written an article on Sugar possibly running back on August 7.  A couple of days later, the Star’s Matt Tully sat down with Sugar, and it sounds like he might be settling in on a run. Sugar also sat down with WRTV last weekend.

Sugar has been pushing a major plan to end gerrymandering in Indiana and make the playing field more level for voters, but he also clearly has ideas on other parts of state government, too.  He's a senior Vice President for Complete College America, so education must be close to his heart.  

Tully’s piece is here.  The August 7 piece is here.

Why would Sugar consider a run now that John Gregg has just removed the other candidates from the field?  The answer is...why not?  There are some Democrats out there who, for whatever reason, don't like John Gregg as the nominee. If Sugar can shore up enough support, raise enough money, and make a good case, he can certainly challenge Gregg.

What Democrats don't need is just another Evan Bayh clone.  The Indiana Democratic Party has spent the last four or five years trying to find the next Evan Bayh.  We are in the situation that we are because so far we have not found that 

To his credit, Gregg has shored up a lot of support out there. He’s gotten some serious support from labor groups and party insiders. With that said, Gregg’s the frontrunner for the Democratic nomination. With the cash he's raised, he's a very serious frontrunner, and that has to figure in to anyone that's running's mind.  

Gregg's become a much stronger candidate in this cycle.  Just last week, he was in all corners of the state continuing to raise money and let people know that he's not just the guy with the two first names and a mustache.  Gregg's already running a general election campaign.

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