Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Target Gender Neutral Policy Causes Ridiculous Uproar

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Target announced a new policy that it would not be classifying its toys and other products by gender and many in the social media world lost their heads. 

It makes you wonder: why do people care how Target chooses to sell its toys, anyway? Furthermore, why put the energy and time into condemning Target and just go somewhere else?

The fact of the matter is that people are likely concerned that, oh my gosh, if Little Johnny sees a girl toy next to a boy toy, he might just play with it. The horror! What’s next for Little Johnny? Cone bras and show tunes?

When I was little, I would put a blanket on my head and pretend to be “Joan”, my little sister I never had. My parents often played along, and we’d laugh about it. I was PLAYING. I did not want to be a girl. It was also fun to go over to my friend’s house and play with her Barbie dolls sometimes. In fact, her dollhouse was awesome. Again, I was PLAYING.

There are little girls who like to play with little boy toys and little boys who love to play with little girl toys. Why should we force children into gender roles that we define for them? It won’t change who they are on the inside! 

Fact of the matter is that Little Johnny should be able to play with whatever toy you buy him. If you choose to make your purchases based upon where Target has traditionally set up their toys, then that’s on you. It’s not on your kids. 

As far as those young people that struggle with gender identity even as a child. Yes, there are stories of people knowing they were the wrong biological gender even as a small child. Yet, sometimes we force them to be one gender or the other. Imagine trying to shove your foot into shoes that just didn’t fit.

Let’s let kids be kids. I applaud Target for this move. It’s a strike for gender neutrality and equality.

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