Monday, August 17, 2015

Tallian Out; It's Gregg vs. Pence

Senator Karen Tallian
Sources are saying that Indiana Senator Karen Tallian of Michigan City is stepping aside in her gubernatorial bid. That now clears the way for a rematch of the 2012 General Election battle between Governor Mike Pence and former Indiana House Speaker John Gregg.

As most of you are aware by now, this is quite the anti-climactic ending on both sides. At first, it seemed a couple of Republicans might want to challenge the sitting Governor, but they have declined to run. Superintendent of Public Instruction Glenda Ritz decided to throw her hat into the ring, but her campaign failed to get off the ground. Tallian’s campaign suffered from much the same.

Gregg has been able to collect big money donors and endorsements while Tallian and Ritz were not. Tallian at least ran a strong campaign. Ritz’s campaign was dogged by mistakes and missteps almost from the beginning.
John Gregg

With Ritz running for reelection now for Superintendent of Public Instruction, Tallian remains a shining candidate for Lieutenant Governor. Her message appealed to the more progressive wing of the party, and, together with Gregg, they would make a great team (much in the same way Vi Simpson would again as well should Gregg choose her).

Of course there is a lot of time left for other candidates, but it seems right now that Pence will battle Gregg again. Pence has provided the Democrat from Sandborn a lot to go after this time around. It remains to be seen if the sequel in 2016 will exceed the original from 2012. Gregg seems much more willing to play it professional and less hokey this time around, and he clearly has learned from his mistakes.

The 2016 election could come down to whether or not progressives buy Gregg 2.0.

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Eric L. Mayer said...

Ritz and Tallian both ran the same type of gubernatorial campaign: zero. However, they made Gregg better, him thinking initially he had real competition. I hope Ritz' bumbling effort doesn't harm her chances for re-election, leaving an image of her as indecisive and unorganized. She and Gregg together will make a good team. Gregg seems to have moved to the left a little, at least rhetorically, and needs to keep moving in that direction. A disciplined, professional campaign operation, combined with liberal positions focused on leavening the huge economic gap between the top 1% and the other 99%, as well as tolerance on social issues (in stark contrast to the current administration), will seal the deal.

Does the blogger think Tom McDermott might jump into the race following his re-election as mayor of Hammond?