Monday, August 10, 2015

Ritz Withdraws Leaving Two in Race

Glenda Ritz
Last week, Glenda Ritz did the sensible thing and ended her run for Governor of Indiana.

Her campaign had been characterized by mistakes and follies from the start, and the nail in its coffin was the mistakes made in campaign finance.  It was a sloppy mess, and it did not do any favors for those that doubt her leadership abilities.

The question she will now face is did her campaign for Governor hurt her campaign for reelection as Superintendent of Public Instruction?  Time will tell whether Ritz can rebuild her coalition and get herself reelected in 2016.

As far as the campaign for Governor goes, two very strong candidates remain.

On one hand, you have John Gregg.  Gregg has outraised Mike Pence, and he continues to work the backroads, backwoods, and side streets of the Hoosier State determined to do what he didn't do in 2012.

On the other hand, you a true progressive State Senator, Karen Tallian.  Tallian may not have the money or the polling numbers, but she has tremendous support among some constituency groups.  She also has the message of working currently in the General Assembly with the Republican Majority to get things done.

Gregg is likely the frontrunner, but it remains to be seen how Tallian will resonate now that it's just her and the mustachioed man from Sandborn in this race.

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