Thursday, August 27, 2015

Ramos vs. Trump; This One Might Stick

Jorge Ramos
Donald Trump may have finally gone a step too far by tossing Jorge Ramos of Univision out of a news conference because he didn’t like his questions.

Granted, Ramos was allowed to return and ask Trump about immigration policy, but tossing Ramos is the equivalent of tossing Lester Holt from NBC out. Ramos is a well-respected and well-known journalist especially in the Latino and Hispanic community.

Can you imagine if during the next Presidential News Conference that Barack Obama tossed Major Garrett of CBS News out because he didn’t like the question he was asked. That’s something that could have happened just last month. Obama had a bit of a standoff with Garrett over the way he asked a question about American hostages being a part of the negotiations for Iran nuclear disarmament. I thought Garrett’s phrasing may have been off, but it was a legitimate question and one a respected journalist like Garrett had every right to ask.
The President was visibly angered by the question, and he let Garrett know that he didn’t like the question, but he answered it. It’s the dance a future President must go through with the news media. The news media can be your best friends when you want them to cover something, but they can also make your time in the White House extremely uncomfortable.  You can’t lose your temper and toss someone from a news conference simply because you disagree with their line of questioning. 

As the LA Times points out, Ramos is certainly not the member of the media to mess with.  Snarky Trumpism send offs like “Go back to Univision,” are neither welcome nor appreciated. Ramos is a serious journalist and has earned that respect.

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