Friday, August 21, 2015

Lugar, Donnelly Back Iran Nuclear Disarmament Deal

From the politics sure makes strange bedfellows department, Indiana's current and two prominent former U.S. Senators are split on the Obama Administration's deal to disarm a nuclear Iran.

For the deal are former Senator Richard Lugar and the man that took his seat, Senator Joe Donnelly.  Against the deal are former Senator Evan Bayh and the man that took his seat, Senator Dan Coats.  Welcome to Indiana, right?

As far as the specifics of the deal, you can go look them up, but the voice I most trust on the issue, Lugar, says he believes that this deal has the ability to bring stability and peace to the Middle East when it comes to Iran for the next 15 years.  Lugar, like President Obama, believes that if we pull out of the deal it will fall apart.  So far, Great Britain, France, Russia, and other major countries are backing the deal.

There is major division in the Senate, and Lugar responded to that criticism on MSNBC.  He said, "There is extreme partisanship in Washington, but extreme partisanship does not work well in a dangerous world."

Lugar was the longtime Chair or Ranking Member on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee.  He helped rein in loose nukes throughout the former Soviet Union, and he also famously negotiated a deal to bring an end to Muammar al-Gaddafi's nuclear ambitions in Libya which briefly brought that crazy dictator back to the world stage after years of exile.

In the same MSNBC interview, Lugar argued that without this deal that war with Iran becaomes a very scary possibility and that pulling out of the Iran deal would, as President Obama has said, leave future Presidents with little choice but to go to war with the oil rich country.

All things being equal, I'll go with Lugar and Donnelly on this one.

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Greg Wright said...

I am not surprised at Lugar’s remarks. They were clearly consistent with his past record.

You may recall that, when I documented Richard Lugar’s lack of Indiana residency and suggested that he had committed voter fraud for 34 years, many in the Republican party were concerned about losing Lugar in the U.S. Senate.

then, when Donnelly won the general election, the GOP clearly was less than joy-filled. I said at that time that Donnelly voting record would be identical to that of Lugar on important issues.