Thursday, August 20, 2015

Hogsett Ready to Enlighten Darkest Neighborhoods

Indianapolis has a moratorium on street lights...who knew?

Joe Hogsett wants to end that moratorium and bring some light into some of the toughest neighborhoods across Indianapolis.  Here is his latest ad.

Immediately, supporters on the other side of the aisle attacked Hogsett's plan saying that it's not realistic nor is it affordable.

My point would be that anytime Mayor Greg Ballard wants to do something, he tends to find the funds.

One only needs to look at the World Sports Park for an example.  Supporters swear up and down that the facility is used, but $5 million for a park with rugby, cricket, and gaelic football?  Seriously?  How many street lights would $5 million buy?

I found online that streetlights in the City of Santa Monica cost in the neighborhood of $4,800.  Let's assume $1,500 in labor to install it...just for fun.  That's about 940 streetlights for the cost of the World Sports Park.  I don't stand behind those numbers, but they are what I could find out there.  If anyone has better numbers, let me know.

Regardless of the cost, I think the benefit would be safer neighborhoods and safer people.  That's amazing enough.


Anonymous said...

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johnnystir said...

I don't know, and I don't care.