Monday, August 24, 2015

Dickerson Joins Hill in Battle for U.S. Senate Democratic Nomination

John Dickerson
Photo from Facebook
If you haven't heard, Baron Hill has picked up an opponent for the Democratic nomination for Senate.

Back on August 15, John Dickerson, the recently retired Executive Director for the Arc of Indiana, threw his hat in the ring promising a bi-partisan approach to Indiana's problems.

I don't know Dickerson, but there are many people in my circles that do.  They seem extremely excited and much more fired up about Dickerson's campaign than the campaign of Hill.

Hill's advantages are some of Dickerson's disadvantages.  Where Hill has an established record, name recognition and supporter base to call on, Dickerson is starting from scratch. That could be an advantage for Dickerson, too.  He doesn't carry the Congressional record nor baggage of Hill.

Again, I was struck by the enthusiasm I saw from my friends on Dickerson's campaign.  One of those friends is news maker herself, Kathy Davis.  The former Lieutenant Governor made headlines when she resigned from Joe Donnelly's campaign as his treasurer over his Planned Parenthood vote.  Davis was present at Dickerson's announcement signaling that she must be ok with his views.

On the GOP side, Congressmen Marlin Stutzman and Todd Young are in the race with former Mitch Daniels staffer and Indiana Republican Party Chair Eric Holcomb.  The Indiana Senate's favorite tweeter, Mike Delph, is also thinking about joining the race.

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