Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Carmel Loses Nerve

Mayor Jim Brainard
Amid a crowd full of riled up citizens, Carmel's city government lost its nerve last night.

A proposal to pass an ordinance protecting LGBTQ citizens from discrimination that had the support of six of seven City Councillors and Carmel’s Mayor was stopped, at least temporarily, by its opponents who say that it would somehow violate their religious freedom. 

The proposal now goes back to committee where it will get its first hearing on Thursday. It’s expected to be watered down now, and who knows if it will keep any bite at all.

You have to give the opponents credit. Neighborhood groups can tell you that nothing scares a politician like a room full of mad individuals, and it appears that the opposition mounted a charge like you wouldn’t believe. According to what I saw on Twitter, many that spoke against the ordinance did so with an appalling hate, intolerance and lack of understanding. Even WIBC’s Tony Katz was there to speak out against the ordinance.

Maybe it was a bad idea in retrospect to ram this through quickly by Mayor Jim Brainard, but I hope that the ordinance now goes through the proper channels and emerges out the other end ready to pass through like a Carmel roundabout. 

Other cities in Indiana have done it, and I know Carmel can too.

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